Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Massaging Oil

I LOVE LOVE LOVE massages. When I'm stressed, I love massages, when I've been on my feet, I love massages. When I'm tired I want a massage. When I'm happy I want a massage. When my back is killing me, I scream I need a massage. When I'm bored, I want a massage. If you get my gist, I love me a good back massage. 

My chiropractor's wife, who is a former chiropractor, designed a chocolate massaging oil. It is ALL NATURAL and very healthy for your skin! It's also a great hair conditioner, so if you get your hubby to give you a head massage, you are also conditioning your hair. What is crazy is that it is edible as well. So, you could even put it in your shake at home and it would be healthy for you. All around it's great for a lot of different reasons. 

This blurp (below), is right of the website: ATTENTION: before you check out the website, I will warn you that there is a picture at the top of the page that is NOT modest and I DO NOT approve of it. This is a great product but I do not like the way they advertise it. This blog is mainly for woman but if you are a man and happened on this blog, PLEASE do not go to the website above. 

Cinnamon Smooch has the exotic and tantalizing smell & taste of cinnamon coconut cacao which makes us want to spread it everywhere. Slightly warm, very inviting.
• Dr. Woo's Coco Love Oil Cinnamon Smooch 1oz jar: $19, 4oz jar: $29

Lavender Rose is our beloved Coco Love Oil formula with the addition of the essential oils of Lavender and Rose for maximum skin nutrion and superior rejuvenation. We especially love using this exotic smelling oil all over face and body to beautify or heal dry skin and blemishes, and to calm irritation.
• Dr. Woo's Coco Love Oil Lavender / Rose 1oz jar: $19, 4oz jar: $29

Burning Love - Our proprietary formula with the added warmth of homegrown pepper essence. This blend is especially useful for sore muscles, stimulating digestion, cellulite stimulating rub, and for much more.
• Dr. Woo's Coco Love Oil Burning Love 1oz jar: $19, 4oz jar: $29 

Minty Cool Kiss is a stimulating blend that's perfect for lymph, neck, face, and scalp massage. It adds a refreshing coolness and much more.
• Dr. Woo's Coco Love Oil Minty Cool Kiss 1oz jar: $19, 4oz jar: $29

If you have any other questions about this oil, check out this website or leave me a comment.

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