Tuesday, July 31, 2012

1 more reason to hug your little one.

Please pray for Chris and Amanda Thorne in the homegoing of their precious little 4 month old boy, Logan. You can check out their story at Every Little Heartbeat. They have been through a lot and will have to go through much more in the days to come. 
It hurts to see all these dear people hurting. This was Amanda's last blog... Our sweet baby went home to be with Jesus this morning..we are so confused and hurting so badly, but.we know a peace and comfort that is beyond understanding. Thank you for all your prayers we will.covet them now more than ever.
Logan is still a miracle and he is where there is no more pain. And.he now has a whole heart. Though I am sure he is just as high maintenance as ever. Jesus is going to have his hands full!!!!
God is good, and we will get through this leaning on him one step at a time" 

Please lift them in your prayers and go hug your family members. You never know if this is that last present you will have with them.  XOXO

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