Monday, July 30, 2012

Inedible cakes

Ok...My creative juices are flowing. I saw this idea for an AWESOME teacher gift and I had to blog about it. As a teacher, I would have loved to get one of these.  You could use tissue boxes in the center, also you could use dry erasers, pens, candles for the classroom and much more.


Here are some other adorable gift cakes ...

This picture is of the actual cake I was given at my baby shower. I was actually given 2 different ones at 2 different showers and they were both absolutely amazing. Thanks again Brandy and Marcelle! You inspire me!!

I also have a few different links on how to make a Diaper Cake and pictures of Diaper Cakes. Also there is an awesome how-to slide show and video tutorial. This was one of my favorite gifts. It's fun and reusable!

Towel Cakes...

Along the same line, towel cakes are great for bridal showers or as housewarming gifts. I found this pretty Bridal Shower Towel Cake and other beautiful ones. 

In fact, there are so many different kinds that you can get overwhelmed very easily.  
So I picked a video on Youtube that seemed adorable BUT YET easy. Hope you enjoy! If you have any more ideas, leave us a note. THANKS!

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