Monday, July 2, 2012

God is good ALL THE TIME

Ok, so if you read the ABOUT section of my blog you would know that I started this blog to help us all be reminded that life is short and we need to rejoice in every day that the Lord has made. 

This morning was a little rough. In fact the last couple have been a little hard. We changed Avery's schedule up by an hour and he really got off wack. We also had a lot of visitors and people holding him, which as aware as my baby is, IS LOTS of stimulation. When he gets too tired, he can't sleep at all. So it's been a rough couple nights of him not really sleeping well. 
I had a headache as well last night which didn't help anything. This morning was pretty normal, I woke took a shower, got dressed for the day then woke Avery, changed him and then fed him. 
While I was feeding him, he pooped and I felt a bit warm. I looked down and he had exploded on my clothes. I changed him, changed me and went back to feeding and he pooped again. Really Avery? Atleast this time he didn't get me. 
Later I was on facebook and I noticed a post. Another family had lost their little baby. I read the article with tears streaming down my face. God, my baby is fussy and pooping but I get to enjoy him for another day. I'm thankful for another reminder of how precious my baby is. Enjoy your present!

Please remember to keep this family in your prayers. - Ingram Family

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  1. Love your posts! You write well and your heart is definitely in it! I'll be looking forward to more! Love and miss you, Jer and Avery!