Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cord Awareness!

Attention all mom's with babies!

I was on facebook the other day when I saw this blog of a family who lost one of their babies to a window blind cord. The mom had come into the nursery and saw the cord wrapped around her babies neck. The baby must have been playing with the cord and got wrapped up in it. I went back to find the blog today but couldn't. I did find this website from another family that lost a toddler.

The reason I decided to blog about it was that it hit home to me. I have video monitor in Avery's room and he recently started sleeping in his crib. I had set the little monitor in his bed and it seemed to be a wonderful aid but I had not thought about the fact that it had a cord on it. One day I went into his room to move the monitor since he must have moved it with his restling around. When I did that I noticed to my horror that the cord was right above his head within reaching distance and his hand was grazing it. Praise the Lord that Avery does not have grasping skills AND did not happen to grasp it but he very easily could have been wrapped in it. So let this be a warning to us all that it's not just window blinds, it can be any kind of cords.

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