Sunday, July 1, 2012

Not Willing

2Pe 3:9  "The Lord is ... not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance."  
This promise filled my heart with the overwhelming feeling of being loved. During our SS at church this morning as my husband was preaching, he brought up a statement about this truth.
Do you ever wonder why the Lord has not returned? Timing? Yes, but also this verse above. The Lord hasn't returned because their are still people that have not been saved (This doesn't mean that he won't return until the whole world is saved, It just means he still has grace toward us.) 
On the radio this morning I was listening to an area church that had an evangelistic outreach this weekend, and OVER 200 people got saved from going out witnessing. If the Lord had come 2 days ago those people would have died and gone to Hell. He keeps on giving us chances.
 If you look at the time of Noah, God gave 120 years of grace to those people. He gave them year after year of chances to get on the boat. He really loves us this much, that he keeps giving us time to come back to Him. HE DOESN'T OWE YOU AN HOUR. He could come this next second.
Now let's apply this to our lives. This is where it hits home for me. Am I willing to let anyone perish? Am I devoted to winning souls and not letting anyone not know? What is important to me? Is it things? Is it treasures? Or is it God and souls? 

Take the time to watch this clip...and think about it. Eric Ludy - God or Gold

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