Thursday, July 5, 2012

Southern Savers

Do you coupon? I do! In Fact, I love to coupon so much I would be tempted to blog about it everyday BUT there are lots of different blogs and websites out there. So I would rather just point you in the right direction instead of starting the153rd. :-) 
My favorite website would have to be Southern SaversThis website has everything from tutorials to a coupon database and daily updates on the sales. It is SO simple. 
You just have to click on the store that you want to go to and then go down the list checking off the deals you want. Then at the end it prints out a shopping list. Also it matches the coupons to the item you want and tells you where you can get it.
The Video is of Jenny from Southern Savers. Go check her out. If your not saving money on your groceries you can today.

Also I have friend from college and former co-worker who just started a blog about saving money. Check out her website as well.The Economical Homemaker