Sunday, July 15, 2012

Teen Activity Ideas...

One of my husband's many hats is the youth pastor at our church. We have lots of fun with them especially during the summer. In fact, we try to have an activity every Friday night. This keeps them "off the streets" and  having good clean fun.
Last summer we had an open house for the majority if the summer. The teens would come over and we would play games, eat piazza and so on. This summer we decided to change it up and we have been having a blast coming up with things to do. Below is a list of ideas of things that we have done or are planning to do. This is also a great list of ideas if you are having a birthday party or even a get together with some adults. (They like to be crazy to sometimes...:-) )

  1. Shopping and Make-Over (For Ladies) - Take the girls to a makeup counter to get makeovers and then go shopping. Finish with a nicer restaurant.
  2. Fishing (For the boys)  - Self-explaining
  3. Scavenger Video Hunt - This is a competition where you have a list of crazy things that each group has to do around town in a certain amount of town, while you are video taping them. Usually the list is to big to do everything. For instance, the group would go to the YMCA and doing the YMCA song in front of the building or goes to Walmart and sing "You are my sunshine" at the top of their lungs (extra points for the loudest team), OR they have to do snow angels at an area park. When they are all done then the teams come back and watch the videos together. It lots of laughs and 
  4.  Crazy Game Night - There are all sorts of websites that have crazy fun games. This is a night where you have 2 teams competing in different crazy games all night. This is a great website for crazy games and all other sorts of ideas:
  5. Bigger and Better  - This activity is a competition between (#) teams. The teams are given a paperclip to start out with. They have to go door to door and trade that paperclip for something bigger and better. They keep trading things until the time is up and then they bring those things back to the church. We have had people come back with a car before.
  6. Sports Games - We took our teens to a minor league baseball game. In general the games aren't a ton of fun but it's the hanging out part that is. My husband also put together a scavenger trivia hunt contest at the baseball game about the teams. We had a lot of fun with that. You can also take your teens to basketball, hockey, football or any other sports games. Food is expensive so you might want to eat ahead of time. (Bowling is also a good activity as well)
  7. Hometown  activites. (The Holy Land Experience) We live near Orlando so we have a multitude of places that we can take the teens. One of the places we took them this last year was The Holy Land Experience. They really enjoyed how this place brought the life of Christ alive.
  8. BBQ and Ranch Night - We have a church family that has horses, 4wheelers, a pool, volleyball and so on. This is a great place for the kids to come out, hang out and enjoy a vast amount of activities.
  9. CAMP - Our kids LOVE LOVE LOVE to take a week and go to camp. Our favorite camp to take them too is the The WILDs. They have great games, food, competition and best of all great Bible Preaching. It's a little pricey, so you may have to have sponsors and do fundraisers like car washes and so on.
  10. Pamping / Camping - One weekend, Jeremy and some men take the boys camping, while some ladies and I have the girls over to our house for some pamping. The boys fish and camp and do all the stuff that comes with it, while the ladies doing each others nails, facials, massages and pamper each other. It's alot of fun and during the night we also have a devotional about purity.
  11. Drama Night - Teens are divided up into groups where they have to come up with the best skit. Then they have to perform it in front of the group. You can give them a variety of kinds: serious skit, funny skit, doing a commercial, short movie, Bible story and on it goes.  
There are so many more ideas. Go online and google...just remember you have to be a little crazy to work with youth. :-)

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