Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lost and Found

I am on the Missions Team at our Church and we are already planning for our upcoming missions conference. I was looking for some songs on youtube when I came across this video.
I want you to watch this clip before you read the rest of my blog. I'm not endorsing the man who does this video because I do not know anything about him, however, this movie really makes you think and I like what it says... Please take the time to watch will help you think more about what I am trying to say...

If you are a born again believer, you know that you are found. What an AWESOME knowledge that we worship the one and only GOD. While I was watching this video I was thinking. We have the only true God, the one who created us, not a false god that we created. YET, do we have this devotion that these who are following a false god do?
As I watched this video I saw how devoted these people were in worshipping their gods. As a missions minded person, I have been on missions trip and watched movies and it amazes me over over the devotion that these people have for false gods. Shouldn't we, who have the real God be even more devoted? Watch the clip again and think about it.

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