Monday, July 9, 2012

The Greatest Day of Your Life

Imagine with me. The day has finally come, you get all pampered up. Your hair is perfect, your dress is perfect, everything is just right. The candles are lit, and the music is playing as your father guides you down the aisle. The handsome man at the end of the aisle waiting for you, grins and throws you a wink. You heart is raising, THIS IS THE DAY. The day I marry my love. The day our relationship is made one for ever.
You enjoy the ceremony, you get a bite and only a bite at the reception because everyone wants to talk to you. Everything turns out wonderful and the next morning you get up and go back to your single life. Never again to talk to the man you love except when your in a crisis and need him to help you out. Well and every anniversary you faithfully meet him for an hour or as long as you can stand to sit.
Ok, I know, you think I'm talking crazy and I am! However, this is how many people treat their relationship with Christ. They fall in love with Jesus and decid to finally give their life to him so that they can be saved from Hell. Then they never talk to Him again. They might go to church on Easter or Christmas and they pray when they get in a crisis but they don't take their relationship seriously. Even if you go on Sunday Morning or to every service this is not enough. Think, if you only talked to your husband once a week, would you have any type of relationship? How do you treat God? Do you have a relationship with Him or did you leave Him at the Wedding?

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