Monday, August 20, 2012

Avery's First Haircut

This last week. Avery got his first haircut. YAH!!!
 I put him in his little bumpo chair, wrapped a kitchen towel around him and started cutting. I was worried that he would get fussy but he didn't. He likes his chair and I was gentle with him, so he didn't mind at all. You may think he is a little young to be getting a haircut, but his hair was so uneven and I had to do something. He had pieces that were 3 inches long and other that were barely 1/2in. So...the picture above to the right was the after picture and Avery is looking handsome!! XOXO
Anyway, haircuts can be anywhere from $10-30  (plus tip)so I wanted to give a few tips that can help you DIY.

Suggestions for distracting babies or toddlers:
1. Strap them into a comfortable safe chair, that they like and have someone stand in front of them to distract them.
2. Cut it in the tub when they are playing in the water with their toys
3. Make sure you don't cut until your baby can fully hold his head up
4. If they are old enough you can let them see the clippers and talk about how it makes a buzzing sound like a motorcycle or airplane. Boys especially really like this.

You will need:
1. Clippers ($10-$15)
2. Scissors
3. Towel or Sheet to wrap around him
4. Towel for floor (unless you do it outside on a deck)
5. Spray Bottle
6. Mirror
7. Fine Toothed Comb

Suggestions for buzzing the hair:
Thanks to

For short cuts on the top scalp hair, use electric haircutting clippers with the #3 cutting guide. For buzz cuts, use the #3 cutting guide. For very short cuts (you can seen skin), use the #1or #3 cutting guide.
  1. Place the clippers at the temple.
  2. Move the clippers along the scalp to the back of the head in a smooth motion.
  3. Continue until all hair has been cut.
  4. To blend in bottom & top cutting, place clippers at crown.
  5. Move the clippers along the scalp to back of the head in a smooth motion
  6. Trim hard-to-get stray hairs at the ear with scissors.
  7. If the hair becomes dry, dampen hair with a spray mister & comb to moisten throughout hair.
To make it blended go in the opposite direction that the hair is growing. (It's like riding your bicycle go against the traffic.) If the hair is growing down, go up, if you hair is going left, go right. ..ect

Here are 2 videos (Part 1 and Part 2) of a step by step demonstration on scissor cutting a boys hair. This is long, but very thorough. If you don't want to buzz the hair, then take the time to watch these two clips. They are very useful.
Another neat but FASTvideo is at howcast: How-to-Cut-a-Boys-Hair Hope this all helps and that you are able to save some money. - Rejoicinginthepresent


  1. Your braver than I was Joy, I didn't do Rocky's hair till he was about 1or2 glad he sat for ya.. your right it' does save a lot of money doing it yourself... and the more you do it the more experience you gain and you can do more than just trim .

  2. Your little man is so stinking cute!!

  3. Thanks Sara!
    Mary, I have done Jer's as long as we've been married so I felt braver then most. :-) But you know what they say "The difference between a bad haircut and a good haircut is a couple weeks." So I keep that in mind.