Tuesday, August 28, 2012

DIY Tutu's

If you have a little girl, this is perfect for you!!!!

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What you need...
1. Tulle - whatever color/s you want
2. Ribbon
3. Scissors

What you do...
1. Measure the ribbon around your child and double it.

2. Next figure out how long you want the tulle.

3. Take the length that you want the tulle and double it. For instance, if you want it 10 ins long then make each piece of tulle 20 ins long.

4. Cut the strips of tulle and tie them around the piece of ribbon. (see picture)

5. Once you have tied the ribbon on half the tulle, wrap it around the child and use the extra ribbon in the back to tie a bow. This technique is great because the tutu can grow with the child.

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If you want to try a technique with an elastic band, click the following link, Ribbon Retreat. Also there is a really cute idea for making a tutu dress for baby girl on a blog name  Baby Making Machine. This project is SUPER easy. I also have even added a movie below to show you step by step on how to make one. ENJOY!

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