Saturday, August 25, 2012

Date Him AGAIN!!!

Hey Everyone! I found a really neat website called The Dating Divas. This website gives alot of ideas for married couples to take dates. Check out the different date-ideas below. These were some of my favorites.

Just the 2 of you

1. Get the Scoop 

2. Couple's Cafe - This doesn't really cost anything except the food you buy for dinner

3. Secret Love Note Date - this would be a great one for book lovers :-)

4. 15 Date Ideas

5. Cute Valentines Idea or Date Activity

Double Dating (Or More):

1. Around the World - Progressive Dinner

2. Cheese Night - I am such a mouse so OF COURSE I love this idea. :-)

3. The Clue Date - Real Live Clue

4. Our Love Is... I like this idea because you can really make it personal to you.


1. 10 Dates for $20

2. Frugal Date Ideas - this is not from the divas but it had some unique ideas

Do you have some ideas? Comment below - rejoicing in the present

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