Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Helping Them Find A Hope

Helping them find a HOPE is a not for profit charity that was started in the summer of 2011. This organization's main purpose is to help feed children physically as well as spiritually. After recently watching a documentary concerning the medical needs of Peruvian children, my heart sank. Seeing their innocent faces, their worried eyes, and their mangled clothing sent me over the edge. But how was I supposed to change any of that? Everyone always says God will never yell, He will only whisper; but at that moment in time I heard His voice more clearly than ever. I had to make a difference. I know that by myself I can do nothing, but with God I can truly impact a child, a family, even a whole community! I didn't even have time to worry because by that point God had already given me the plans. I would design a t-shirt and sell it for more than it was worth. The profit made would all be donated to another faithful serving organization that would take the donations and feed hungry children in third world countries. Dealing with money didn't seem to hard until I quickly found out I had to file for a 501c3 status, as well as file for legal incorporation under the state of Florida. I am currently obtaining a 501c3 status with the help of my faithful board members, Natasha Alfaya, JoAnn Edson, Joy Tyler, and Lynn Smith. I would also like to thank Cody for all of his technical support in designing this website. Without the help of these 5 wonderful volunteers and my Father up above this could not have been possible. Last but not least, I want to sincerely thank all of you who have helped support this charity.

Thank you,

Recently Jordyn DID obstain her 501c3 status and so she is officially a non-profit organization. She has been faithfully sending all the proceeds to an organization that feeds these children spiritually and physically.
Jordyn has used her savings to start this organization and so all the money she gets from these t-shirt sales goes directly to these children. Please take the time to check out her website and support this program if you can.   - rejoicing in the present - JT

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