Friday, August 10, 2012

Brothers 4 Adversity

I was raised in a great christian home by some amazing parents who had respect for our local hero's, the Police and Swat. I, however, did not really inherit that though. In fact, I sort of resented them. I had been fed into the worldly theory that they ate doughnut and gave out tickets to fill a quota.
Well soon after my husband and I moved down to Florida to work in the church we are presently in, the church had a law enforcement day. Then later on I got to know some of our now really good friends, the Bray's. Both the husband and spouse work for the police department and the husband was in charge of the swat. I rode in Amelia's car a few times *I was in the front :-)* and saw what she did. I also got to know a few other law enforcement families as well. Soon,  I realized that were such amazing and courageous people.
These amazing people put their lives on the line, every day to protect us. They are human and have bad days, just like the rest of us. But, they risk their lives for ungrateful people like I once was.
I'm sure that you have seen the FBI shirts or the NYPD shirts or hats. Well have you ever seen swat clothing? Probably not, I don't think it even exists. Recently a few of the swat families got together and made this company, swat life.  These shirts not only support the work that the swat does, but a majority of the proceeds go to help actual swat families that have needs. These shirts are great gifts and the proceeds go to a great cause.

 Let's support them and have their backs...they have ours!

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