Friday, August 31, 2012

DIY Puzzle Frame

Do you have pieces of puzzles that you don't know what to do with? You don't know which puzzle they go with and you would just as soon throw them away. Well here is an adorable easy project.
What you need...
1. Old puzzle pieces
2. Spray Paint (whatever color you want to use)
3. A frame (preferably the cardboard ones you get at the craft store
4. Wax Paper
5. Glue Gun
What do you do?...
1. Take the puzzle pieces and spray paint them. (Make sure that you spread them out on the wax paper) If they are too close, they will stick to each other
2. Once the paint has totally dried, glue the puzzle pieces to the frame

3. I used black and white (with 1 red piece) I used the red to emphasize our name.
A couple cute suggestions that you could write on the puzzle pieces are...
1. "Jesus fits all the pieces of the puzzle together" This would be a great Sunday School project.
2. "Glad we fit together"
3. You're the final piece to my puzzle
If you have other cute suggestions, please leave a comment. - Rejoicinginthepresent.

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