Monday, August 6, 2012

Creative Ways to Share the Gospel

Sharing the gospel is crucial in our lives and the lives of others. Think about if there is a sale at the our favorite mall, we have no problem texting our friends and letting them know about it. But when is the last time you shared the most important news? This is the most important news, why are we not getting it out.
Recently I saw this blog about a-creative-way-to-share-the-gospel and I had to share this clip ...

There are so many ways the gospel can get out, through preaching, Bible studies, small groups, evangelism crusades, revivals, Vacation Bible Schools, house to house, our personal testimony, Bible story telling, Sunday School, missions, medical missions, fellowships, funerals, weddings,house dedications, baby dedications, and of course the Internet (blogs, facebook and so on).... leaving tracks at restaurants with your tip or in public bathrooms or even giving your cashier a track. There are so many ways to do it. Think, are you involved and if you are not how can you get involved.

Here is a different way that someone used sandart to tell the story of how creation, sin being brought into this world and then an escape from that sin through Jesus.

The gospel never changes only the method...What method are you using to get it out there?!?

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