Friday, August 3, 2012

Adorable flower bows

I DONT have a little girl, BUT if I did, she would be all "bow"ed up. :-) I love all the little bows you can make for little girls, but nowadays big girls can wear adorable bows as well. If you are crafty or would just like to give bow-making a are some cute links. Click on the colored links to go to the website where you can learn how to make them.

These are not only cheap but cute flower bows. This website has clips as well as headbands. It is super easy yet super cute!

This chiffon flower is a little more difficult, but so adorable. It also takes a sewing machine. 
These would be so pretty on shirts and purses. There are so many ideas!
I would totally wear one of these. LOVE!

This website has 2 different kinds of hair bows but I really like this one the best. It's pretty simple and only needs strips of fabric, some clips and hot glue.
On this blog they mentioned a REALLY awesome idea. She said she was going to a baby shower where they were going to have a bow making station and everyone got to make a bow for the little baby girl. How cool is that! 

Crochet Flowers are also adorable as hair bows or embellishments. At the bottom of this blog I have a youtube video on how to crochet a beginner's flower bows. 
There are also more advanced video's on youtube.

- Have fun and don't forget to rejoice in your present!

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