Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Education Tips - Lego Stories

I absolutely LOVE this idea. In fact if  the Lego company got ahold of this idea they would make millions more. I was looking at different ideas when I came upon a blog where a mom used Legos to encourage her children to make Lego Stories.
As she writes in the blog, this takes time but is very useful in encouraging your child to read or spell. Check it out. I can't wait to use this with Avery when he gets older.

This is what you need...
1. Lego's
2. White Labels
3. A Pen

This is what you do...
1.Write words or letters (or sounds e.g. "ch","sh","ee") on the labels
2. Next apply the labels to the Legos
3. Now you can have fun with your children building words and sentences and even stories. 

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