Friday, August 17, 2012

Making Daddy the Hero

Yesterday afternoon, while I was feeding Avery, I noticed that he was staring at my computer screen so I said, "Is that Daddy?" Immediately he started jerking his head around trying to find his "daddy." I tried putting him back in front of the screen to show him "daddy" but he wanted none of it. He wanted his daddy. It was so sweet to see how much he wants and loves his daddy. Avery is only 2 1/2 months old but yet he knows his daddy. Why? It's because Jeremy has taken the time to love on and care for his baby.
Tonight after Jeremy got home, I relayed the story to him and I know it really encouraged him. This is very important for Jeremy and Avery's relationship. As a mother and wife I need to be doing everything to make my children's dad, their hero.
A while back I read an article about making your husband a hero to the kids. I tried to find the exact one again but I couldn't. I did find a few others that were all on the same line. A few suggestions are as following...

1. DO NOT criticize daddy to the children (EVER). If you have something you don't like, go to him privately. I never saw my parents disagree until I was WAY older. When my parents wanted to discuss something, they would go into the bathroom that was in their bedroom and discuss where we could not hear.
2. Encourage daddy to spend time with the children. Do not nag, just suggest. "Buddy, has a baseball game on Friday, he would love to eat afterwards and have some daddy and son time." "Sally has a recital, she would love it for you to take her to the store to pick out a dress. Sometimes daddy's are busy and forget how important this is. That is why suggestions are the best..
3. When daddy does make a mistake or is not able to make a special event...encourage the children to see the positive. "Daddy would have loved to been here, but he is working so that we can do fun things like this."

Here is some more ideas from Girl Meets Paper

How could you make your husband a hero this Father’s Day?

  • Encourage him to take the kids the kids to the library and pick out some new bedtime stories to read together. Mom, stay home and get the popcorn ready.
  • Invite him to participate in bedtime if he usually doesn’t, especially during prayer time.
  • Plan a surprise for your kids and let dad announce it.
  • Schedule some daddy-daughter or daddy-son dates for him and let him be the shining knight to his kids.
  • Go out of your way to praise your children’s father in front of others…and do so often.
  • Help your kids write gratitude letters to daddy this Father’s Day. Offer some prompts so they can better articulate how special their daddy is to each of them.

-rejoicing in the present

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