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Very recently this video went viral. It was put out by an Boston agency. They were looking for job applicants for the toughest job.

Of 2.7 million people who saw a job posting by a Boston agency for a 'director of operations' position, just 24 applied. That's likely because of the brutal requirements.

The website posted the job and paid for ads, hoping to get the right applicant. To see the full list of requirements, go to 

NOW the video before you continue reading.

Ok, so wasn't that sweet! I actually teared up by the end of the video. We all know that the list of requirements was a bit exagerated but who doesn't like have someone to go above and beyond to compliment their work. This video didn't say anything negative about fathers or other hard working people, instead it just commended the work that mothers do. 

Well, there has been some negative responses to the video and a blogger , whom I normally enjoy, jumped on the negative train. Here are a few of the negative statements from (

  1. "Never mind the cruelty of tricking desperate job seekers "
  2. "What you’re describing here are the conditions of a North Korean prison camp, not a home in the American suburbs."
  3. "It’s only relevant in so far as it reveals a troubling attitude; an attitude that makes these sorts of commercials so effective; an attitude that portrays parenting as the most torturous endeavor anyone could possibly attempt."
  4. " Yes, it’s a Mother’s Day commercial, but we all know that not a single company would ever conceive of making a Father’s Day commercial proclaiming specifically fatherhood to be ‘the toughest job’ in the world, and if they did, many of the folks who loved this ad would hate that one."

And on and on and on he goes. To Matt's credit, I will say I get his message of parenting. I get that both parents should get credit. I don't believe that this video makes non-parents say, wow, that's too hard, I can't do that nor do I want to do that. They all had moms or dads and they saw what they did.  It was their parents that gave them a positive outlook on parenting, not a little 4-minute WE LOVE MOMS video.

I get that the video exaggerated the mother's job, but I also get that, sometimes, moms need an exaggerated THANK YOU!  Moms DO, DO ALOT! 

As a stay-at-home, there are days that I don't sit very much. Why? Not because my child is running the household, but because there is ALOT to do.  Unless you're rich, stay-at-home moms have a child or children to whom to teach life, play with and entertain.  (I don't believe in the TV doing my job :-) ) Also, due to only one parent working, they usually must watch the finances by saving money, clean, cook, coupon, do laundry, take their kids to appointments and sometimes even work from home. This doesn't include the lack of sleep (baby years), sick days/nights, the waking up in the middle of the night and all the extras that come with it.  You can also add in the bonuses of homeschooling or helping with homework, nursing your child back to health and all the other surprises that come along.  Most of the wives or mothers that I know do not retire. When they put in their 25-40 years, they still clean, they still cook, they still do the laundry. They are still wives as well as mothers to their grown children.

Most mothers do not get Christmas parties or bonuses throughout the years. They don't get awards from work. They don't get little presents from their students for teaching them or gifts from their coworkers.  So, when someone wants to post an exaggerated thank-you to mothers I commend them. 

This is not to say that fathers are not amazing.  I had an incredible dad and I'm married to an AMAZING daddy as well. Both these men worked/work full time jobs to provide for their families as well as fathered and loved their babies.  I would love to see a video done for them as well, but, come on people, let mommies have a little love. 

To close, I want to say that I had an amazing example of a mom.  My mother had 5 children whom she loved, trained and taught. If there was an award for a Stay-at-Home Mom of the Year, she would have won it every year.  She made most of our meals from scratch; she couponed, cleaned, nursed us, and read it to us for hours each week, drove us to school, church, lessons, and games and so on.  She went above and beyond with me as she home schooled me from 5th grade to 12th grade. She also nursed me for months at a time, as I had four major back surgeries, where I was on my back for about a month each time. I know there were days that she didn't sit down much, and plenty of nights, she didn't, and still doesn't, sleep. 

She has always been one to put her stuff down and talk and counsel me when I call. (I call almost every day)  She took time, everyday, to have a private time with God and taught us to do the same. She was and is a godly woman. Is she perfect? No, but she tried to give her best. She didn't do it for glory; she did it cause she knew that was what God was asking of her to do. So, jump off the negative train! Let's give our moms a break and thank them for all the back- breaking stuff they do. And, if it really bothers you, write Hallmark and ask them to make a special dad's video and I will post and brag about it in June. - Rejoicing in the Present

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