Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Beautiful Lady – Part 2

Mona Lisa selfie---just need to add the toilet in the background
Since we are on the topic of beauty, I just had to share my heart with you about a trend…?Selfies?....

This whole "selfie" phase where girls post every other day, of shots in the bathroom of what they are wearing, is one of the biggest trends going on.  Why do I need to see what you are wearing?  Is that what is important to you?  What you look like? Now if you are showing your baby bump to your friends or showing off a new outfit or even sporting your favorite team shirt, OK…I get some of it but a daily “look at me and what I’m wearing,”  I think we need to ask what we are trying to portray.

Let's go further. This may be a little harsh but I can’t stand the whole pouty or serious faces that people put on their profile. I  get the “couple in love” or senior pictures but this “sexy pout” or sad pictures do not portray you.  Lady, your smile is one of the most beautiful assets.  When a woman smiles and laughs she can light up the whole room or a picture, so why are you hiding that?  We are to show people the joy of the Lord;  that is easily seen on our faces.  So why oh WHY do we not show it?

LADIES!  You are beautiful-- but when you post every other day it looks like you are dying for attention.  It looks like your focus is on how everyone sees you.  I personally want to see your heart.

In fact, I personally, would rather see your lovely family, or an encouraging quote, or your precious children, or even a lovely picture of you (but not a different one every day).  Ladies, let's show Christ on your face and in your clothing.

Now, I want you to know that I say that with a lot of love in my heart, because some of my closest friends are part of the "selfie" trend.  But I want to encourage each of you in this matter.  I love you all, yes, you ,my selfie friends but I can’t not say what is on my heart today.

Facebook is way to minister and to encourage and love each other. It is a way that we can reach the world with Christ.  It is a way to communicate and keep up with our friends.  What are you using FB for?  How do you portray yourself to the world?  How do you want the world to portray you?  Do they see Christ or do they see your puckered pouty lips?  Look at your Facebook wall today and try to see how others see you.  Is it about Christ or you? - Rejoicing in the Present

PS. *As a side note, I want to admit that I am just as guilty when it comes to posting pictures on FB. I love my little family and love to share what is going on. I just wonder if I was as obsessed with my Savior and sharing Him, how much more His work could go forth. I have to remind myself daily, what it's all about. - JT

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