Monday, April 7, 2014

10K Wedding for $200 Pt. 7 - Unity Sand

This is one of those things that you definitely can cut out, but many couples are doing it now and Erica wanted to do it. So, I got creative! I made my own sand!

Since, Erica had a country wedding, she used a mason jar as her vase.  She also had white sand at her house.  I had two skinny vases and we poured the colored sand in there.  Erica wanted blue and white which was super easy.  I left half the sand white and dyed the other half.  To dye the sand, this is what I did…
What I needed…
  1. Sand
  2. Food Coloring
  3. Zip lock Bag

What I did …
  1. I placed the amount of sand I was going to use in a plastic ziplock bag.
  2. I added a few drops of blue food coloring.
  3. Then I shook and mixed up the bag until the color was evenly mixed through the sand.
  4. I kept adding food coloring until I got the exact color I wanted.
  5. It was a SUPER easy process.

I believe that the Dollar Tree does carry sand sometimes in the art aisle. The one problem is getting enough of the right color.

If you want Unity Candles, a few cheaper options are …

  1. Check out Dollar Tree: You can buy the 2 Taper Candles and maybe even the pillar candle

  1. You can also use a smaller candle as long as it’s on a large candle holder.

  1. Borrow the candle holders or buy something that you would use a decoration for your house

  1. Check out thrift stores. Many times they actually have the fancy unity candles. They may be already lit but no one will be close enough to see that.

  1. Ask your friends or church members.  They may have some candles you can borrow.

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