Wednesday, April 16, 2014

DIY Bow Holder

So every little girl needs bows and headbands.  Of course with lots of bows comes the job of finding something to hold the bows!  Well, I have 2 different bow holders. The first one is so simple you don't even have to make it and the 2nd is a little more complicated. 

Bow Holder #1

  1. All this is, is a TALL round vase. 
  2. I wrapped four of the headbands on the outside and the rest are being held inside.
  3. I believe I found this vase at the Dollar Store for $1 but you can also look at Walmart or a thrift store for them as well. The higher the better and you want it to be wide enough to hold the headband BUT NOT to stretch it out

Bow Holder #2

  1. First I found an old frame and spray painted it white.
  2. Then I got rid of the glass and used scrap paper to give the background a pretty look.
  3. I found clear lacy ribbon and hot glued the ends down to the back of the open frame. 
  4. Once that was finished I let it dry, put the back in, and clipped the bows on. Voila!
I have a picture from below. This shows what the bow holder looks like before you put the bows on. She has good directions on her site as well. - Rejoicing in the present.

DIY Hair Bow Holder: What I'm Makin' Monday » Baby Making Machine

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