Thursday, April 24, 2014

DIY Lamp

I needed a lamp for Baby T's room; when I stumbled upon this lamp at the thrift store, I figured it would be perfect for her room. 

DO's and DON'T's

DO:  Did you know that you can paint lamps?  After I brought this baby home, I felt like there was too much pink in the room so I decided to paint the base of it. It has a porcelain/ceramic/cement-like base. It was super-easy to paint. I used about three coats so that it could take some wear and tear.

DON'T:  Did you know that you can not paint or spray paint your lampshade. Yes, I tried and it didn't work.  When you turn on the light, every detail shows and it's not a nice picture. SO, I found this cute lampshade at Walmart for $7. It all turned out nicely.

An option for a lampshade redo would be gluing flowers or ribbon on an old shade. I wanted a more simple look so I didn't take that path.  For a cute idea, see the picture below from projectnursery

Have an old lamp sitting around? Revamp with this DIY lampshade! All you need is an old (or a cheap, new shade), strips of fabric and a glue gun. Roll the fabric into any shape you like and secure it with the hot glue. Glue it onto the shade and repeat!

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