Wednesday, April 2, 2014

10K Wedding for $200 Pt. 5 - Reception

Erica knew that the reception would be quite expensive. We had the cake covered but since the wedding was at lunchtime we had to think up a plan. We decided to do a pot luck dinner. Erica was more worried about getting married then getting presents so we wrote on the invitations "in lieu of a gift, please bring a dish to share at the reception." This went over great and there was lots of food to share with everyone.  Some people brought her gifts anyway, so it was a win-win situation. 

Here are some suggestions for your reception

  • Cake and punch reception: This is become increasingly popular. As most people can not afford to feed too many people, the dessert-only option is a winner. On the invitation you write something to the effect of "Dessert Reception to Follow".
  • Dessert Reception: If you don't like just having a wedding cake, you can do what I did and have a dessert bar. I had a table full of all different kinds of mini-desserts. (Everything from a variety of cookies, brownies, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate covered ________ (you name it, I had it) to cake and much more. I also had fruit for those who couldn't eat all the sugar.
  • Potluck Weddings:  If you are having close friends and family, or church folk, this is always a great option. Many people don't mind bringing food to share.
  • Finger Foods:  This is like the dessert reception except you have a variety of finger foods.  If you have a lot of family in town, this is REALLY easy.  Just ask each of them to help you make appetizers and finger foods. Many hands, little work!
  • Dinner: I don't really feel like this is a good option or an option to save money.  You can burn through money in a hot-second by doing dinners. But here are a few things to think about if you decide on this option:
    • Catering:  Most catered dinners are, at the cheapest, $12 a plate. 
    • Ask your family to help. Use easy, quick recipes that produce large quantities. Pulled pork is pretty easy to make and spaghetti is another easy one. Salads and do-it-ahead recipes are the way to go.
    • Don't have servers.
    • Go simple.
I hope this gives you some ideas. Inexpensive weddings and receptions can be done! :-) Good Luck!

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