Thursday, April 3, 2014

10K Wedding for $200 Pt. 6 - The Cake

The average cost of wedding cakes and desserts is around $400. This is about $3 per slice for about 150 guests.

So what to do?!?  Well, I knew a lady in our church who could bake beautiful wedding cakes.  I talked to her and she offered to do the wedding cake for FREE as gift to Erica for her wedding.  It was SUPER sweet of Ann and the cake was lovely.  It had a simple basket weave look and was topped with flowers. The cake didn’t just look good, it was delicious. In fact, it was best tasting wedding cake I have EVER tasted!

So once again, our cost for an expensive part of the wedding was $0.  I can not say enough about how blessed Erica was.  I commend our giving church for working together to give such a wonderful gift of a wedding to Erica.

So what are some ways to save?!?

  1. ASK: You might be getting tired of this step, but it’s a GREAT tool.  Many times, people will use their talents to help a bride. Also people know other people and can sometimes call in a favor.

  1. Take the total number of guests and reduce it 10%.  A lot of people do not eat the cake or they take slices smaller then what is alloted.

  1. Have a partially-fake cake.  The top layer is real, this is the one that you cut into with the groom. The others are just decorated to look cute.  Then you have sheet cake in the back that is cut up and put on plates.  Once the bride and groom cut the cake, you have  servers start bringing out the trays of cake. This cuts down on the cost A LOT.

  1. You can also just reduce the size of the cake and use sheet cakes as well.

  1. Cut out the groom’s cake. Who started this tradition anyway?

  1. Cupcake wedding cake. This is also a popular new trend.

  1. Instead of using sugar flowers, use fresh flowers and ribbon to decorate your cake.  Ribbon takes seconds to put on and fresh or artificial flowers are cheaper then making a creation out of sugar.

I hope these suggestions help!  If a friend offers to make your cake, you can always offer to pay for the ingredients and supplies.  This helps them to help you. – Rejoicing in the present

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