Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Be You, Let Them Be Them

Jennifer Dukes Lee said in a recent article My worst fear for us as parents and teachers and caregivers? That we would accidentally break what God created, while trying to recreate you in some other image."

As a teacher, as a mother and as a different kind of girl, I realized that everyone is unique. We all have weakness, we all have strengths, we ALL have beauty and we ALL have ugliness. The world, sometimes, promotes that being different is "cool" but, at the same time, it also teaches that you have to be "this size" and "this way" to be liked and accepted. 

So what if you are a square in the circle of life?  You many say, "Well, that's easy. I'm a Christian and we definitely have different principles that we live by."  What about when you have a child with an obnoxiously loud personality who is always embarrassing the family or maybe you have the shy child who is embarrassed to say anything?  Maybe the latter child even has a problem saying hello to people. 

What about an athletic family who has a child who is so clumsy, the only thing he's good for is Water Boy or a musical mom who's child wants nothing to do with music. This is hard, folks. We have dreams, we have goals for our children and it's NEVER wrong to help them become more well-rounded or to push them to become the best they can be. However, I would encourage you to know your child. Know what they like, their boundaries and their dreams. Encourage them to try new things and "spread their wings" but whatever you do, let them be them. If it's a sinful behavior, like selfish anger, then deal with it, but if it's just "different" then your expectations, remember this. God made them the way that they are; you don't want to go against His design. 

If your child is stubborn, encourage him to be stubborn about right things. 

If your child enjoys her quiet times, teach her how to have quiet time with the Lord. 

If your child is loud, teach him to proclaim the gospel and share God's love.

If your child doesn't share your dream, then get inside her world and share hers. 

-Rejoicing in the Present

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