Thursday, September 18, 2014

Why I Am Sooooooo Tired

I always have to laugh about the statement "You look tired." It usually means, I haven't done my hair or my makeup or I'm just having an ugly day. Cause, moms, we all know that we are tired EVERY day. :-) You need a laugh from real life.  Well here it is. This was written by  with lifetimemoms.  

“You look tired” is one of the rudest sentences in the English language. Unless it’s followed up by, “Lie down on this deck chair while I mind your children and straighten up your house,” there is no need to point out the obvious.

Of course I look tired-- I’m a mom! Here are just some of the reasons:

1. No matter how beat I am, falling asleep takes two hours because of this ticker in my head: “Did I turn off the oven? Lock the door? Drain the bath? Is dry drowning a real thing? Did her head feel warm when I kissed her goodnight? Are we out of milk?” It’s endless.

2. When I do fall asleep, there’s a 50/50 chance I’ll be awakened by an eerily silent child five inches from my face, just staring at me.

HAHAHAHA - Seriously :-) I have a friend who's daughter does this to her consistently. It's like right out of a horror movie. 

3. God taught us in the Bible that we should have a day of rest. What happened to it, moms?

4. Until they invent a single cosmetic product that can cover dark circles, brighten eyes, define cheekbones and extend lashes, my beauty routine is getting my hair (most of it) into a ponytail. It’s a look. 

5. I’ll cover my kid in 50 SPF head to toe for a trip to the supermarket but go weeks without dabbing a little moisturizer on my crow’s feet. Haven’t really nailed that whole “self-care” thing yet.

6. Every question I answer starts with “Why?” “Can I?” or “Give me.” They could use this technique at Guantanamo—more effective than water boarding! And exhausting.

7. Disney movies: they seem like a great idea until somebody has an Ursula the Sea Witch nightmare and climbs into bed and plants herself on top of you.

...Yep then they come into your bed and wet the bed. YAY! :-)

8. My toddler’s favorite way to play is to dump every toy she owns into a huge pile on the floor. The second I’ve tidied up, she does it again. Sometimes I think I’ll pass out under the toy pile and not be found until someone needs a snack…so, like, five minutes later.

Great exercise! They should sell a aerobics video of a mom picking up toys. You would get GREAT abs. 

9. Carrying a flailing, tantruming, 30-pound-toddler plus a giant bag of sand toys is not just exhausting--it should be an event in the Decathlon.


10. Being responsible for a little person’s health, safety, well-being, nutrition, education and self esteem weighs on me heavily, and really makes me Zzzzzzzzz…What? Sorry. What was I saying? Oh yeah, it’s tiring.  

Oh, and add to that, a baby who wakes up to feed every night. When I had my first baby, I was so afraid of rolling over my baby. I would get up and sit in a rocker to feed the baby and then when the baby was done I would lay him down and go back to sleep for 2 hours. HAHAHAHA. WOW! Anyway, I'm a light sleeper and wake up if my baby moves at ALL. So I've changed that now and let me tell you. Baby #2 and Momma are so much happier and healthier! If you're not a light sleeper or your afraid to co-sleep then DON'T, but you're the Momma. You do what you feel is best for your baby and you. Ask God to give you direction and He will. - Rejoicing in the Present

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