Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Over the last couple weeks, we were pouring ice water over our heads and challenging each other to top it. This was all done to bring awareness regarding the disease ALS and it did bring awareness! In fact, I didn’t even know about it until all this craziness started to happen around me. It hurt my heart to see the people that were suffering with it. These were friends and friends of friends that I didn’t realize were dealing with such pain. I hope that the challenge woke you up as well. J

This week another challenge has been started. This challenge is to proclaim your awareness and necessity of God, to be unashamed of the gospel of God. I LOVE that our teens are jumping on this and posting themselves in videos proclaiming that they are unashamed. I pray that God will get glory and that souls will be won.

As I took the challenge a bit farther 2 weeks ago “by not screaming when the ice was poured on me,” I want to take this challenge a bit farther. This time I want you to scream.

No, I don’t want you to scream in the video, I want your LIFE to scream that you are not ashamed.

If a friend got on your FB wall, would they see that you are in love with Jesus?

Would they know how to find him?

What if your friend came to your house?

Would they see your craziness over Jesus?

When your friend and you are hanging out, does your mouth show that you are unashamed?

Do the movies you watch show that you love God?

Friends, teens, loved ones, it’s EASY to post a video online in our country where there is free religion. It’s a quick 30 seconds of your time.

What’s not easy is getting up before you go to school to have your walk with Jesus.

What’s not easy is bowing your head in a public place to thank God for your food.

What’s not easy is listening to God-honoring music and watching ONLY God-honoring movies,

What’s not easy is having love towards the unlovely.

What’s not easy is proclaiming Christ when all your friends think that’s not cool

…but God said “If you love me, keep my commandments”

God is SOOOOO AWESOME. He loved us so much that He gave his only son, Jesus to restore our relationship so that we can have a RELATIONSHIP with Him. There is nothing to be ashamed about when it comes to God. He is so incredible--we are so worthless but He gives us worth. Thank you, dear Father! Thank you! I hope you are not ashamed and I pray that your friends can see it, not just on your video. but in your life. Unashamed and trying to live it,  ARE YOU? 

-Rejoicing in the Present

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