Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Peacock Shower - Drawing

I wanted to do something a little extra special to help Sara build up some cleaning supplies. So I offered everyone a chance to enter a drawing if they brought their favorite housekeeping cleaner to share with Sara. 

Here was the wording...
Bring your favorite household cleaning products to share with Sara and you will be entered into a drawing!!! Wrapping is not necessary 

It was neat idea and it went along with the gift that we gave her. Our gift to Sara was a laundry basket full of cleaners, detergent and other common household items. 

I also made a paper-supplies cake which I will share with you tomorrow. 

How did I come up with this idea?
When I was given my first baby shower, the lady who gave it did a drawing for the ladies who brought me diapers. This WAS awesome. I received SOOOOO many diapers.

I would encourage you to think up some ideas for people to bring an extra item to enter a drawing. It's fun for the guests to get to enter and win something and it's great for the guest-of-honor to be stocked up on something important. 

Below are some ideas of things you can encourage people to bring...

Wedding Shower

  1. Food Staples (ex. flour, sugar, canned goods...)
  2. Cleaning Products
  3. Paper Products
  4. Plastic Products (Trash bags, Plastic Containers, sandwich bags...)

Baby Shower

  1. Diapers
  2. Wipes
  3. Hygiene products
(If you were throwing a party for a teacher)
  1. School Supplies
  2. Coffee (If she drinks it)
    1. You could buy a new coffee maker and have everyone bring a bag of their favorite coffee to share with her. 
    2. You could also do this with a co-worker

  3. Paper Products

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