Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Peacock Shower - Activities

Bridal Shower Games

We played 2 games at the shower. The first game was the purse scavenger hunt. The ladies had to hunt through their purses. Who ever had the most items asked for won the game. 

Here are the items...
Purse Scavenger Hunt
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Pen
  • Keys
  • Receipt to Macy’s
  • Nail File
  • Flashlight
  • Tissues
  • Hair Brush
  • 5 coupons
  • Menu
  • $100 Bill
  • USB Drive
  • Shower Invitation
  • Photo of Sara

Then we played a game with Sara. We asked Ricky some questions and then we asked Sara to answer them. These were the questions and answers. If she got them right. Ricky would either give her a :*- kiss , $- money or a O<] - a ring (She either got a hershey kiss, 100grand or a ring pop.)

Where was your first date to? and what did you do? Fuji sushi. Dinner date/ate sushi $
When was the first time R said I love you?She had me from hello O<]
What is R favorite food/snack? Lobster $
What was R first pet? Name? Chance Nance- dog $
What is R’s pet name for you? Honey bear :*
What is R favorite thing about your personality? kind hearted :*
What part of the wedding is R looking forward to? being pronounced "husband and wife" O<]
What part of the wedding would he like to skip? planning O<]
What is the first thing R wants to do once your married?  consummate O<]
What is R favorite thing about your relationship so far? the affection and love we have for each other :*
What is R looking forward to in your future together? starting a family/ becoming parents :*
What is R dream job? rockstar $

It was A LOT of fun...lots of laughs and giggles. :-)  

At the very end, while we were enjoying the coffee and dessert, we had all the married women give Sara advice. They were to give her 3 things: something never to do, something to do and something funny. This was really neat and it gave Sara different perspectives on marriage. I hope this gives you some ideas. - Rejoicing in the Present

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