Thursday, October 2, 2014

Cut the Sunday Stress

Ok, let's admit it. As a mom, Sundays can be OH-SO-STRESSFUL. I mean if it's going to be pucked on, spit up on, pooped on, it's probably going to happen on SUNDAY.

As a result, sometimes Sundays are not days we look forward to. I was talking to some other pastor's wives that I went to school with and they admitted that with all the extra duties, they had, it was a day that was really hard for them. I GET IT. I've been there. I still have those days!

So, I've done some things that help me so that I can enjoy Sundays. Sundays can become one of my favorite days. So that I can be in the mind of worship. So that Jesus gets the praise those days. So that I have an attitude of praise.


I do this so that if Saturday is stressful, I won't forget or not have the time to do my extra stress-freeing chores.
    • I pick out the kids clothes and iron them
    • I also pick out my clothes and iron them as well as iron a shirt for my husband.
    • I also try to finish all the laundry on Friday and put it away so I won't have that stress on Saturday. 
    • Then I start the laundry back up on Monday morning
    • I try to do a full house-cleaning. (Not just the pick-ups and wipe-ups.) This way the house is clean and gives for a more relaxing atmosphere for the weekend. 
    • I mean how much damage can the family do in 2 days. HAHAHAHA BUT, seriously, it does help
  • BATH
    • I give the children both a bath on Saturday night. This DOESN'T mean make me free and clear. My child may wet himself and smell like pee or there might be some accident (IT DOES HAPPEN) but it does give you the upper hand if you don't have any accidents
  • FOOD
    • I try to make extra food Saturday night so we can have leftovers on Sunday afternoon for lunch
    • Other ideas are CROCK-POT
    • Or soup and sandwiches
  • DOOR
    • Place anything you need to take with you to church by the door, so that you will see it when you go out. 
    • Check your diaper bag and make sure it's stocked. HAHAHA (yes, I JUST got caught on this one. That's a WHOLE other story.)
  • Breakfast
    • Give your child a hearty breakfast so that he/she will be full and it will hold them for a while at church. (We usually do oatmeal and A eats a TON)
    • DON'T DRESS THEM. A usually sits at the table in a diaper at breakfast. Yes, I learned the hard way This way food will not get spilled on your child's SUnday outfit.
    • Start feeding them and dressing them a lot earlier than is necessary. I usually start at 8 and I don't have to be at church until 10.  I often think, wow, I have a lot of time and then by 9:30 I'm scrambling around. 
    • When you get in the car, play some praise music. Get your mind in the right place.
    • I was talking to a friend and she said that every week, it seemed like her kids were fighting, so she would stop them and have them start praying. "When you fight," she told them "you invite the devil in and we don't want him here.  Start praying, right now". I am sure I will use this. Set the atmosphere.
I hope some of these ideas help. Sunday is God's day. Let's make sure we are in church and there with the right spirit. Its no good if we don't have a heart for God. Prepare!

We plan for 3 months to a year for a wedding. Why? because it's important. Is God and His day important to you? Let's make important. - Rejoicing in the Present

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