Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Woman's Center

In June of 2009, Yolanda Garvin-Williams, a nursing assistant, was on her way in to work at Parrish Medical Center. She was going to help a pregnant mother bring a new life into this world.

Yolanda had been in a violent domestic relationship but no one saw what happened that night coming. Yolanda had previously filed complaints with the Titusville, Florida Police Dept and they were looking to arrest the perpetrator. 

In fact, Eyewitness News learned that during her last month, the mother of four asked for a restraining order and said she was leaving him. Yolanda Williams wrote, "He told me if I filed for an injunction that I will never live to make it to court."

So during that fateful early morning, while she was heading into work, her estranged husband shot her four times, twice in the head, once in the arm and once in her chest. She was rushed into the Emergency Room at Parrish but they were not able to save her.

This is not the first story of domestic violence in Titusville. It’s all over. It’s in your neighborhoods, in your moms’ groups, even in congregations in churches around town. It’s sad, sick and godless.

God teaches husbands to LOVE their wives. In Ephesians 5:25 it says “Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;"  Christ did not take life. He gave it. He loved us so much that HE GAVE HIS LIFE for us, so that we could live. What love!

After Yolanda passed away, her family contacted the Woman’s Center in Melbourne and asked them to start a center in Titusville. This is how the Woman’s Center in Titusville came to be.  There are many women in this area who have already been blessed by this program. The Woman’s Center has lots or resources including a safe house, for these ladies to escape to.

So how can we as a church and as a community help?

We must first pray! Pray for these ladies as many of them need Jesus. They can escape their past but if they don’t have Jesus, they will have an even worse future. They need the Comforter and “the Perfect Man”, to come inside and lead them and LOVE them.
There are Christians that are in abusive relationships. We must continue to pray for them ,as well, and if you know one, give her the encouragement and resources to escape.

You can donate lots of different items to the center. These donations go to run their safe house as well as help the ladies start a new life. When these ladies escape, many times they leave with only the clothes on their back.

Donation Ideas are…
1.     Toiletries
2.     Non-Perishable Foods
3.     Children’s Clothing – All sizes
4.     Paper Goods (Toilet paper, Tissues…)
5.     Cleaning Supplies, Detergent…
6.     Plastic Goods (Freezer bags. Trash bags…)
7.     Over the Counter Medications
8.     Gift Cards (Walmart, Payless, Gas Stations…)
9.     Towels, Sheets…
10.  Diapers (all sizes but especially 4&5)
11.  Baby Items
12.  School Supplies

Just think, anything disposable that you would need in your house, they will most likely need as well.

Do you do something well that you can teach these women to do? The Woman’s Center is open to us coming in and teaching these women how to work, survive and start a new life.
1.     Maybe you’re a banker and you could teach them how to save money and keep a check book.
2.     Maybe you’re a mechanic and you could show them how to change a tire.
3.     Maybe you’re a cosmetologist and you could offer to give free haircuts.
4.     Maybe you’re a good cook and could teach them tricks on cooking on a budget.

Anything that could help these ladies grow and have a productive life is helpful.

LADIES, last but not least, you can also volunteer at the Woman’s Center. They have different projects as well as need help in their office.

If you don't live in this area, then look in your area. What can you do to help woman like these? - Rejoicing in the Present

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