Monday, October 20, 2014

I Will Carry You

If you never have heard the story of Audrey Caroline, you need to. Todd (singer from the group of Selah) and his wife Angie Smith found out early on that the baby Angie was carrying was "incompatible with life." This meant that the baby would not be able to live outside the womb. In fact, the baby should have only lived one second before grasping for breath and passing away. They were encouraged to abort the baby right away. In fact, the doctors planned for an abortion the very next day.

The Smiths were shaken but Angie said. "My Jesus is the same as when I walked in here."  They decided to keep the baby and give her the most life she could have. They took her to Disney World to see the castle and had many other sweet life experiences with her. When she was born, Sweet Audrey lived for over 2 hours. The family got to hold her, kiss her and love all over her. They said it was one of the most peaceful days they ever had. God's grace surrounded them.

Angie started a blog called Bring the Rain to track her journey and then eventually wrote a book called "I Will Carry You." There is an interview below, which is a MUST see. Todd also wrote and recorded a BEAUTIFUL song called, I will carry you.

 I would encourage you to take the time to watch the clip and read her book. It wasn't an easy pregnancy but Angie choose to give their baby the most life she could have. How precious! -Rejoicing in the Present

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