Friday, October 10, 2014

A New Journey

My husband had amblyopia (lazy eye) as a child and so did his father. They both had eye surgery to correct it. The only indication that they dealt with this is that they both wear glasses.  So, since our son was born, we have watched for signs of it. 

We hadn't noticed anything until about the last month.   "A" started squinting his eye and sticking his finger in it.  He would also randomly fall. (even though he is pretty coordinated for a 2 year-old).  What really started bothering me is that he would complain of "bugs in his eye."  If his ear hurts, he says he has bugs in his ears. Bugs usually means pain or annoyance.  So, after he started saying this, I really started watching and over the last month, I noticed that his one eye would do funny things. 

So, we called my husband's eye doctor and got "A" an appointment. The appointment was not so much fun. They dilated his eyes right off the bat and after that it went all downhill. He squinted and cried and fought it all. I don't blame him though; I mean, can you imagine being two and having people pull out those metal scary tools and put things in your eyes. He was facing the unknown and it was scary. 

So the doctor diagnosed him with what we suspected, "lazy eye". He prescribed glasses and maybe patching in the future. 

"A" doesn't have his glasses yet, but he will soon. He doesn't like anything on his face, even sunglasses, so ,please pray for Him and us as we start down that road. 

I have already seen God work in big ways with this journey as well and I'm praising him for it!
  • We were able to use 2 different insurance plans and only paid $60 for the eye exam and glasses. My husband's appointment and glasses were over $400.
  • The doctor encouraged us that we had brought him early enough to give him some time to work with A's eyes as they are still "pliable" 
  • I also able to get some advice from a dear lady whose daughter had an eye condition as well. 
My sweet SIL sent me a note that NAILED IT; she said "Praying for you and your sweet boy!!! There's nothing like the power of God and the gumption of W----------s (our family name) to conquer all!!  :)  But I know it can be tough on a mama's heart to see her family have to go through stuff! Love you guys! <3"

Here is me being real. It broke my heart when I found out that now our other child will have a medical battle to deal with as well.  She was right on. It's tough on mama, BUT as she also said, there is nothing like the power of God. 

So I'm excited and nervous to see where this journey will take us. Please pray for "A" as he will struggle with this adjustment. 

If this will help him to SEE God, then it's so worth it. May he be blind to the world's ways and eyes only for the Lord. - Rejoicing in the Present

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