Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Stage by How to Nest for Less

While I showed you my daughter’s complete bedroom makeover yesterday, today  I thought I’d give you a little behind-the-scenes action of how exactly we completed the look of her stage.
kids bedroom stageThis whole rockstar stage idea came from my then 5 year old. She desperately wants to be famous… whether it’s strumming her guitar and singing like Taylor Swift or acting on stage as Annie or Mary Poppins.
So when we first discussed her bedroom d├ęcor in the new house, she had one major request: a stage. And lots of blue and gold, her two favorite colors. Oh, and a chandelier.
stage for bedroomWell since we were building a new home from scratch, we asked the builder if he could put a little step-up stage in the corner of her bedroom. I figured it really wouldn’t cost anything. Just some extra plywood, right? Well luckily the builder said yes and my kiddo’s dream was going to become a reality.
BUT, if you can’t have a builder create a little corner for you (like most people), just using a small corner of a room will be fine! Or you can build it up with plywood and cover with hardwood or laminate flooring.
carpet kids bedroom stageWell to go with the new corner stage my kiddo asked for big gold curtains and the best way I could think to hang them was a curved shower curtain rod. I snagged a Moen one from Amazon for about $20.
curtain for kids bedroom stageThis option seemed very sturdy since you could use drywall anchors (12 on each side). Plus it even came with a little template to mark your holes since holding up the curved shower curtain rod was kinda wonky.
bedroom stage for kidsSince I didn’t have an option for a double rod, I decided to MacGyver the valance: trim the pole pocket with a pair of scissors, then just safety pin it around the back. The valances were on clearance for $20 each from Bed, Bath and Beyond (2 for the windows, 1 for the stage). And the gold curtains were from BB&B as well. One stop shopping, people.
kids bedrooms stage curtainsI found some curtain hooks from Lowe’s and some amazing blue and gold tie backs from Tuesday Morning for like $3 a piece. Serious score on those. Exactly what I was looking for.
kids stage curtain holdbacksI finished off the stage with some glittery stars (more on that later) and some seating for all of my daughter’s adoring fans (back rests from Walmart and I stenciled some stools too).
stenciled stools for kidsAnd now the stage is complete. I figure when she grows out of it we can always put a vanity up on the step or a little desk. But here’s to hoping she uses it for a long time and makes tons of memories up there!
kid bedroom stage

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