Wednesday, October 8, 2014


When we think of abortion, many times the image that comes to our mind is a young teenager, who got pregnant with her boyfriend’s baby and now needs a way out. Yes, that happens. Yes, it’s sad that these woman feel like they need a way out.  But did you know that many times, when a lady is seeking an abortion, she's already a mom with a few children? They feel so overwhelmed that they  can’t deal with one more.

Let's think about this. Even a woman, who is married and is excited about bearing children, gets nervous when she finds out she is pregnant. Many questions go through her mind. Will she be able to really love the baby when it’s screaming? Will she know how to be a good mommy? What if the baby is born with some medical condition? Many weird questions and concerns go through a mommy’s mind, even though she is super excited that the baby is coming.

Now, think about a woman who has no support from her boyfriend, or husband. Think about a young girl who hasn’t made it out of high school or college and has her whole life ahead of her. Think about the mom who already has 3 kids and has a hard time feeding them. Think about the men in their life that are telling them to get rid of the babies. What about the world, who tells them that it’s just a fetus and not really a baby?

When it gets tough, they feel they have no way out and they end the life of these precious babies. Is it wrong? YES, but these precious woman have many side effects that the world never warned them about.

Many of these ladies struggle with depression and all sorts of emotional battles. In fact, many times you will see that the biggest outreaches that pregnancy crisis centers have is to the women after they have had an abortion. These ladies deal with their demons for YEARS and the world never told them about that.

So this is where BETA comes in. BETA is Titusville, Florida’s Pregnancy Crisis Center

 Services at the center include non-judgmental counseling, free pregnancy tests sent to a hospital lab, free maternity clothing, infant furniture, bedding, layette items, baby clothes through size T4, as well as formula and diapers on an emergency basis

Beta gives these ladies free pregnancy tests and then counsels them and encourages them to keep the baby. They help these ladies by giving them free clothing for the moms as well as the babies and clothes, formula, diaper, equipment and so on. They also hold seminars for the youth to help encourage them to make the right choices.

So what can we as a church and community do to help BETA help these woman?

Pray. First and foremost, these ladies need Jesus. Trials are going to come into their lives through out their lives. If they don’t have Jesus, they don’t have hope, now or ever.

Give: The Kids4Truth kids are collecting money in baby bottles. If you feel led to give, see one of the kids and help them fill up their bottles with change, dollar bills or checks.
Beta also collects baby clothes through 2T, diapers, formula, baby coupons, baby equipment and anything "baby".

Go: Beta also needs volunteers. “Volunteers are needed to staff our office, sort clothing, wash and mend clothing, fix furniture and other office tasks. (We have a small staff of all unpaid volunteers. We really need additional volunteers.)”

For more questions about BETA organization and how to help,  visit them @ or you can message me as well - Rejoicing in the Present

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