Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Being a Winner whether You win or Lose

You might have already seen the clip, or maybe you didn't. The Florida Gator's Coach commented after winning the game against TN...

“It’s great to see all these people disappointed,” Muschamp said in his postgame interview on the field, referring to Tennessee’s fans in a checkered Neyland Stadium. “I love it.”

Now, we have all heard of sore losers but I see this as a sore winner. I was always taught that when you win at a game, you be happy and show some humility. A comment like that is just pouring salt into a wound.

My husband is big into sports but I just go along for the ride. Football is not my thing. In fact, I couldn't tell you much about that team, other then the fact, that Tim Tebow used to play for it. 

After today, I know one thing, their team does not have great leadership. See, even though Coach Muschamp won on the field, he lost today. He lost his team's testimony and good sportsmanship. 

What about you? Are a sore loser or even worse a sore winner? Check your attitude. You way win the game but lose at life. Just a thought. - Rejoicing in the Present

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