Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Travel Smart #1 - Color Theme

My mom is the one that gave me this idea. She read it somewhere and passed it to me; now I am passing it on to you.

A couple weeks ago I took a trip up north and the night before we left packed a HUGE suitcase. I wasn't really sure if it was cold or hot and since I had a multitude of colors that I brought I ended up packing 7 pairs of shoes. I also had 2 boxes of jewelry and just TOO MUCH STUFF.  My husband was like "really?!" when he saw my suitcase. We were supposed to share it but after I was done I only had a sliver of room for him. So, he had to take his own.

I thought about this concept after it was all done and realized that if I had used a color theme, it would have saved me lots of time and space.

Pack by color.

  1. Everything you pack should be color-coordinated, which means you can re-wear a shirt or bottom making a different outfit.
  2. This means that you will need less jewelry and shoes since they will be in the same color family; thus you will be able to use them with a variety of outfits
  3. This also means you have will be able to wear a little more of the "bling" since you are able to pack less.
  4. This means you can share a suit case with your hubby. :-)
Give it a try and see what happens. - rejoicing in the present

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