Saturday, March 23, 2013

Health: Bringing down a temperature

Baby A picked up a bug last week on our trip, so when we returned, we returned with a little sick boy. His temperature went up on Sunday and so I did what every other good girl does. She calls her mom. My mom wasn't home, but my Grandma, a former nurse, gave me this advice.

4 Ways to Bring Down a Temperature
  1. Drink!!!! (Water is preferable)
  2. Dampen: Use a cool wet rag to dampen the body.
  3. Warm Bath: Run a bath. The temperature should be slightly lower than the body temperature. Use one hand to feel your body's temperature and use the other one to feel the temperature of the baby
  4. Take a fever-reducing medicine (This is a last choice of course)
Just remember that a fever shows that the body is trying to fight off something. So, fevers are not always bad.  This method should be used when the temperature is getting out of hand.  If your child has a high temperature, try these methods. - rejoicing in the present

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