Friday, March 29, 2013

Creative Mementos

My husband was having a mission's trip reunion and asked me to put together a little memento concerning the trip. He asked me to do this 24 hours before their reunion party. My parents were in town and I hadn't returned until only a few hours before the party. I had no idea what I was going to do.   On the way home from my outing, I asked my dad, who had been on that missions trip, what he remembered most about the trip. He replied "Rice and beans." You see, they ate rice and beans almost every day while they were in Haiti.

Another great memory they had was playing basketball. The missions team were bored one night, after a hard days work, and needed a little entertainment.  So they took duct tape, crinkled it up and then wrapped it to make a ball. Then they made a  hoop out of cardboard, split up into two teams and had fun. They even took a movie of their craziness--it's still a fond memory.

Anyway, we arrived home about an hour before they lef for the reunion.  I ran to the dollar store and after rummaging through the store I came up with this party favor: "A Night-Out in Haiti" - Dinner and Entertainment. They received rice and beans and duct tape wrapped with a bow. They LOVED it. It was a great memory for them.

Someone said to me "you are so creative".  I just listened to some stories, and did some exploring and voila. You can do it too! - rejoicing in the present. 

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