Monday, March 25, 2013

One Chance at Eternity

And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ - Acts. 5:2.

Recently my husband and I attended a youth pastor's conference at the WILDS Christian Camp and Conference Center. While we were there, I attended a session called "Developing an Outreach-Focused Youth Group. The speaker was a deeply convicted yet very compassionate evangelist by the name of Morris Gleiser. He told a story that I think will be etched in my mind for a very long time:

One day a pastor received a knock on the door.  On the other side, was a couple who were weeping.  They explained that they lived around the corner in a neighborhood and that they had just lost their teenage son.  They said they understood that a pastor lived here. The Pastor gently invited them in, and in a matter of time, led that couple to the Lord. The couple started attending the church and grew in through discipleship and fellowship with the believers.
When the pastor would preach on salvation, they would sit in their seats and weep. Many times, they would say to their pastor "If we only knew sooner.  If we only knew, we might have been able to lead our son to the Lord." "Pastor, we don't know if our son ever heard; we believe he must be in Hell."  On and on it went. One day a few years later, the pastor was in their home over Christmas time. The couple would generously spoil the pastor with gifts out of their love for him.
That evening they were sitting and talking, when all of a sudden that pastor saw a photo. He stopped for a second.
"Is that your son?" He asked.
"Yes," They replied, "We sure miss Him."
"Did he used to mow lawns in the neighborhood?" He asked.
"Why, yes," the mother replied, "He used to raise some extra cash."
"Did he used to take off his shirt and throw it over his shoulder, while he mowed?"  The preacher went on in with his questions.
"Yes," They replied again
The preacher finally explained the reason he was asking all these questions.  "One day, your son, came by and asked to mow our lawn.  I usually do it, but I was busy that day.  So I asked your son to do it. Later on, I invited him in and was able to lead him to the Lord. So, dear parents, I know where your son is. He is in HEAVEN!!!"

That pastor had one chance, ONE CHANCE TO AFFECT THAT BOY'S ETERNITY! What if that day, he had just been to busy for that boy? What if________________________...You fill in the blank.

So how are you doing?  Do you take advantage of opportunities to witness? Are you like those in Acts that "Daily...ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ" You may only have ONE CHANCE...use it wisely.

-rejoicing in the present

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