Thursday, March 14, 2013

Themed Parties - Girl Tea Party

Little girls LOVE to dress up and they love tea parties--so our church put on a little girls tea party.

The Theme: TEA FOR 2, TEA FOR U! (Tea for 2 was because they were allowed to invite their moms)

The Food: We had a lot of "yummies"! They included...
  1. A Variety of Sandwiches (peanut Butter and jelly, ham, cucumber, and chicken salad)
  2. Fresh Fruit
  3. Desserts: Valentine Cookies, Brownies and Sweet Bites)
  4. Scones
  5. Tea (also had hot chocolate and hot apple cider for the girls that didn't like tea)
  1. When they first arrived, they each made a foam tea craft for their moms.
  2. While the girls were enjoying their tea and scones, I talked to them about the history of tea.
  3. They ate lunch.
  4. Then they were told a story about Tilly the Tea Pot and her experience with faith. It was a really sweet story told by our pastor's wife.
  5. We ended the day by painting little tea trays.
Fun Extras:
  1. The girl that brought the most visitors won her own tea set.
  2. Each girl was given a little treat bag that contained some jewelry, stickers, tea bags, candy and a few miscellaneous treats.
The girls had a TON of fun. It was a big success and I know that this is a great way to celebrate a birthday or make your little girls feel special. - rejoicing in the present.

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