Monday, March 18, 2013

A Prayerless Wife = A Self Sufficient Wife

Recently my husband and I attended a youth pastor's conference at the WILDS Christian Camp and Conference Center. While we were there, I attended a session called "Love your Man; Love His (Your) People". The Speaker was Faith Taylor, a pastor's wife from Calvary Baptist  in Simpsonville, SC. This session was for pastor's wives, but the part about being a wife applies to all wives (ironic).

While Faith was teaching, she said "A Prayerless Woman = A Self-Sufficient Woman."  I have always been a "do it myself, instead of asking anyone" person AND I have struggled over the years with my prayer life as well.
Thus this phrase, "A Prayerless Wife = A Self Sufficient Wife" convicted me deeply. "  God, this is ME!!!"

I think, if I can trust God, to save me through His precious son, Jesus, then why can't I trust Him for the "small" things in my life. Ladies, we need to be on our knees about everything; this is especially true of our families

Our husbands do NOT need us to hold them accountable for every little thing in life. What they need is for us to hold them up to the Father in prayer.
Paul ends the book of  I Thessalonians with "Brethren, pray for us." ( I Thess 5:25) Our pastors and evangelists need prayer and so do our hubbys!!!!

Faith wrote a little booklet called "Praying for Him" and it gave me an idea of what we should pray for our husbands, whether they work in the ministry or not. So here are a few tips for praying for your husband (whether he is a pastor or not)
  • Godly Character
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Protection from Sin
  • Personal Testimony
  • Not distracted by Sin
  • Compassion
  • Handling Discouragement
  • Faithfulness to your and your family
  • The stress of being a husband/father
  • Work ethic
  • ________________fill in the blank.
Ladies, let commit to praying for our husbands - rejoicing in the present

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