Thursday, April 25, 2013

This little piggy had to clean off the table :-(

While blogg-hopping, I came upon this article teaching manners at the dinner table. I really love the teaching tool they use here and I'm sure you will as well. This article is from Once again, I don't necessarily endorse their blog BUT I really like this teaching tool. Here it is...

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we decided to teach our kids to have better manners at the table. I came across this idea long ago and decided to finally use it and BOY does it work!

Meet Mr. Pig...

No one likes Mr. Pig because when we act like a 'pig' at the dinner table, (burps, reaching over someones plate, yelling, slurping, etc.) Mr. Pig gets passed to them.

Whoever ends up with Mr. Pig at the end of the meal must clear the whole table.

And I bet you can't guess who ended up with Mr. Pig at the end of the meal? Happy Manners!
I really like this idea, especially the part where they have to clean up when you are the "pig." If you have another idea about manners at the dinner table, please leave a comment below. - rejoicing in the present

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