Saturday, April 20, 2013

Health: Arnica

Last week, I pulled some muscles in my neck. OUCH! I still am recovering from it. Yes, I look like that cartoon character that has a cell phone stuck between his head and his shoulder, except with no cell phone.

ANYWAYs...So when this happened, I did what every smart woman does. I called my parents first and then the doctor. My dad suggested that I give Arnica a try. He said that he used it in the past for his sore neck.

So I went to our health food store in town and bought some...AND IT WORKED! My neck is still recovering BUT the Arnica has helped the pain. Below is a testimony from diynatural

TESTIMONY: Bumps and bruises are inevitable in our house. Thankfully, we have arnica balm. My toddler alone could use a whole tin for himself the way he always leads with his head – into walls, sidewalks and other inanimate objects. Arnica is a great herb not only for healing bumps, sprains and bruises, but it also helps to alleviate pain. - diynatural

So what ARNICA???

"Ehow" says:"Arnica cream is a topical ointment made of an extract of the arnica plant. Arnica cream has been around since the early 1500s. Europeans used arnica to help stomach complaints and skin rashes, but it was the Native Americans who began using it to relieve pain associated with the muscles. Today, it is commonly applied to sprains, bruises and strains. The active ingredients in arnica cream promote tissue healing, reduce swelling and inflammation, and ease pain. It's also frequently used to soothe joint pain related to arthritis and to ease tired, sore, overworked muscles. "

I love that it is natural! Give it a try :-) - rejoicing in the present

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