Monday, September 17, 2012

Prayer and Praise

 In the ministry, in life and around every corner are hardships, drama and pain. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed. There are mornings that I feel like I can't get of bed. There are phone calls that I just don't want to answer. There are moments that I wish I could erase and there are people with whom I would rather not deal. As the wise "theologian" Alexander once said there are just Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Days. 

Of course my days always look worse when I look around at my surroundings and see all the issues. My problem is a visual one. I need to get my eyes in the right place. Instead of looking out and around, I need to LOOK UP.

I have never been one of those morning-devos people. I have a hard time getting up, let alone reading, in the morning. However, something that has helped me tremendously is having a prayer and praise session in the morning. After I have started my day, taken a shower and dressed, I try to have my P&P time, either during breakfast or during Avery's morning feeding. I read a Psalm and then praise God for everything I have been reminded about Him in the Psalms. (Example: He is our fortress, our strong tower, our lamp and deliverer...that He is a great God but also a good God...) Whatever I read I praise Him for it. Then I spend a little time in prayer for wisdom for my day, my husband and family and other requests. I leave my problems and needs in His hands.

This helps so much because it gets me off my issues and looking up at the God who can handle them. It helps me to leave my problems at the cross. Later in the day I do my actual devotional time-- this is just a quick booster for the beginning of my day. This has helped me so much and you can always tell when I haven't done it. I hope this idea will be a help to you. Leave your burdens at the cross and He's the only one that can do anything about them. Then go further and praise Him. Stop looking at all your drama and praise Him for what is He is doing in your life. Praise Him for who He is. Praise Him, just because. - rejoicing in the present.

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