Thursday, September 20, 2012

EASY Fall Craft:

I love Fall and I love to take what I have and jazz it up! Here is something I did.   I had some older candles and made them a bit more "fall"ish. It only took a few minutes to do. Here is what you do...
What you need...
1. Candles (3 different heights if possible)
2. Fabric
3. Hot Glue
4. Beaded Wire
5. Scissors
What you do...
1. Cut strips of fabric that fit around your candle
2. Wrap the candle with the fabric (tucking the ends in) and hot glue the ends.
3. Wrap the beaded wire around the bottom, cut and secure.
Voila - Easy! :-) It takes just a few minutes but it adds a little spice to your fall. - Rejoicing in the present

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