Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Midwifery? Why? Part 1

We have 2 guest bloggers today and they are going to be talking about why they had home-births. The second guest, Christine, actually became a midwife and was the one that delivered my son Avery.

Angela Smith Starr:

I am so excited to share what a blessing midwifery has been to myself and my family! I am a mother of 5 children.  I have had three with OBGYN's and 2 home births. The experiences of hospital and home births are so vastly different. In the hospital setting, you seem to be just a number and are expected to fit in a box with a time and setting that is created by others, not you.  If your body decides not to adhere to their settings, intervention can be expected, whether you like it or not. Your freedoms seem to be taken away and the options that you would like to have need to be fought for, when having a baby. On the other hand is the experience with a midwife and a home birth. This is a beautiful experience, filled with empowerment and spiritual depth. The care you receive from start to finish is a wonderful journey that strengthens the soul. It also allows for your spouse and family to take part in the experience in a depth that would never be welcomed in a hospital setting. The midwife allows your body to do the "labor" for which it was intended, on its own schedule with minimal interference, but yet, great help and encouragement. I am so thankful for the ministry and the calling of the midwife and would greatly recommend this option for a mother-to-be.

Christine Simonetta - Chrysalis Midwifery:

My first exposure to midwifery was one that was sought out of necessity. When I became pregnant with my daughter I started my care with an OB practice. I attended two visits. During those visits I would wait and wait with anticipation for my turn to see the doctor. When I finally made it into the examination room the visits were brief, rushed, disconnected and clinical. I left those visits disheartened. I felt like I was not being seen or interacted with as a unique person. This was not the care that I wanted for myself, my family or my growing baby. I wanted the person that I chose to attend me during my pregnancy and birth to interact with me, know me and care for me as an individual.
I knew that being pregnant and giving birth were natural, normal processes. Normal processes that would not only transform me, but also my husband and our growing family. Processes that I wanted to be educated about and supported in by the person who cared for me. I found a care provider that exceeded my needs, a licensed midwife. She facilitated my pregnancy, birth and postpartum education, heard me, saw me, informed me and made me an integral part of my care. My pregnancy and birth were very fulfilling and empowering. The experience changed me forever. This was my journey into the art of midwifery. Since then I have been working toward giving similar care to the mothers and families that have chosen me to serve them.

Thank you, ladies, for sharing your stories. If you live in the Brevard, FL area and are expecting, check out Christine's website Chrysalis Midwifery. She is an amazing midwife and was a HUGE blessing to our little family. I will be sharing my story this Saturday. Stay tuned for how I got involved in home birth and midwifery.

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